Caso de éxito X-MARK


Explicar la estratégia de marketing para introducir la marca al mercado chino.

Video realizado para presentar la estrategía ante el consejo administratio de X-MARK.



Hi there! The digital landscape in China is not easy to compete in, but we at UDB have worked our magic and come up with an amazing X-MARK consumer journey, through their point of view!

Meet David and Angela. Our potential X-MARK fans.
How do we know?

They are bold and daring. Rejecting being part of the Status Quo!

They want to stand out and express themselves. And they’re definitely not shy about it online.

They don’t waste time with standard products. They trust their influencers reviews and investigate on their own online.

That is why during the pre-launch phase of X-Mark we’ll invite Key Opinion Leaders and Key Opinion Consumers to do a personality test linked to the different flavors.

Interesting insights and trendy words will be used to define the taste they’re related to.

From influencers unboxing videos, to the favor defining quiz, to collaborating with different artist, we’ll show how Bold and Rebellious X-MARK really is.

They will be touched, inspired and engaged when they follow the X-MARK HERO campaign!

They don’t need a cape to be heroes. Every week a new hero will be chosen. From street artists who defy professional expectations to people coming out as themselves

Through the brand’s social channels and KOL’s, they’ll be easily guided to X-MARK e-Commerce platforms.

When consumers are dened as the target audience on Tmall, they’ll see banners, pop-ups, notications and links to the flagship shop.

Once a purchase is made, they’ll receive their package at their doorstep in up to 48 hours.

Every box will include a greeting card thanking them for their purchase, informing them of the upcoming events, and inviting them to join the X-MARK Community through a QR code!

Joining the X-MARK Community on We-Chat, they’ll find out more about the brand, the latest news, new merch, learn about the bulk-buying deals and purchase a box.

There will be a brand ambassador to answer all their questions, 24/7. They could also participate on interesting polls, and get special deals just for being an X-MARK fan

The best part is they’ll always be the rst to know about brand events, get a shot at VIP tickets and free beer!

They can rate their experience where they make their purchase. Our customer service team will make sure it will be as BOLD as us, to ensure only positive reviews!

X-MARK Flavored Beers.

X-MARK Flavored Beers.